Church Clerk – Deaconess Anissa Haynes
Assistant Church Clerk – Deaconess Wendy Sharpe
Secretary to Pastor/Spiritual Board – Deaconess Anissa Haynes

Board of Christian Ed President – Deaconess Dorothy Campbell
Church School Superintendent – Deacon Josh Robertson
Assistant Superintendent – Deacon Roosevelt Walker
Coordinator New Members Class – Deaconess Beulah Banks/ Deaconess Betty Rosser
Coordinator Saturday Bible Study – Deaconess Tracii Butler Proctor
Coordinator Wednesday Bible Study – Deaconess Emma Renwick

Prayer Ministry – Deacon Josh Robertson. Leader
Deacon Board – Deacon Josh Robertson, Chairman
Deaconess Board – Deaconess Dorothy Campbell, President
Trustee Board – Trustee Barbara White, Chairman
Treasurer – Sister Fawnda Brackeen
Financial Secretary – Trustee Margaret Livingston

Jr. Superintendent of Sunday School – Brother Avery Haynes
Wednesday Noon Prayer Coordinator – Deacon James Powers
Missionaries – Deaconess Maria Pratt, President
Pastors Aide – Deaconess Evajean McGee, President / Deaconess Doris Eady
Usher Board #1 – Deaconess Betty Rosser, President
Men’s Usher Board – Brother Leroy Prescott, President
Young Usher Board – Sister Joyce Patryce Clark, President
Hospitality – Deaconess Wendy Sharpe, President
Security – Deacon Jerry Johnson, President
Senior Choir – Sister Donna Miller Carroll, President
Youth/Teen Choir – Deaconess Dorothy Campbell, President
Nursery – Trustee Barbara White, President
Nurse’s Unit – Sister Wilhelmina Murphy, President
Campbell’s Inspirational Choir – Deaconess Karen Ray, President
Spiritual Jubilees – Deaconess Denise Braxton Robinson, President
Church Publicity – Sis Joyce Patryce Clark, President
Senior Citizens Ministry – Deaconess Janyce King, Leader
Men’s Fellowship – Deacon Robert Rhoades, President
Women’s Ministry – Sister Dee Allen Gwaltney, President
Drama Ministry – Sister Joyce Patryce Clark, President
Youth Drama Leader – Sis. Imani Jones, President
Youth Music Leader – Trustee RaShawn Hunt, President
Decorations Ministry – Sister Denise Douglas, President
Mass Choir – Deaconess Maria Pratt, President
Praise Dancers – Deaconess Dawn Santana, President
Praise Team – Sister Lakeisha Grimes, President
Greeting Ministry – Sister Joan Miller, Leader
Married Couples Ministry – Deacon Reginald Hayes and Deaconess Charlene Hayes, Leaders
Singles Ministry – Sister Denise Douglas, President
Events Coordinator – Deaconess Michele Wright- Sykes
President of the Sheepfolds Ministries – Minister Nancy Bell
Millennials for Christ Ministry – Sister Janay James, President

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